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The Beholder Miniatures

Goblin Horde Warrior Squad

Goblin Horde Warrior Squad

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The size of this model is suitable for 32mm Tabletop gaming, fitting on 25mm bases. Model comes unassembled with base, body, and all associate parts. Model comes bare with no painting so you may customize the miniature as you desire. If the desired size is not offered a custom order can be made with the desired. Such custom order will need to be discussed first.

Each order is for a single goblin unless you buy the Five or All Ten pack. If you want multiples of a specific model you can request it in Personalization as well as if you would prefer a Round or Square Base. Round base is the Default.

Each model is printed with durable, high quality, resin at 35 microns of thickness for maximum high definition, properly cleaned with high strength alcohol, and cured with controlled UV light curing. Please allow up to three days for most orders to be printed, cleaned, and packaged.

Replacement parts can be ordered separately. If damaged in transit will be replaced ASAP with no additional cost with photo evidence of damage. As is the nature of 3D Printing there may be some pockmarking or slight defects but all models are screened before shipment to reduce this chance.

This model was designed by the artists of The Beholder Miniatures and is licensed to Missing Link Productions for Commercial Printing and Selling.
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