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Torrida Minis

Fanart Lady Fire Bird Figurine

Fanart Lady Fire Bird Figurine

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The model comes in options of 32mm (1.25 inches tall), 75mm (2.95 inches) and approximately 181mm tall (7.12 inches tall). The 32mm size item is in one single piece while the 75mm and 181mm size the statuette comes in multiple pieces that need to be glued together. It is an unpainted model so you may customize her to your hearts content. The model will be made ready for shipment within 3 to 5 days, packaged safely, and shipped ASAP.

Model comes with the options of different sizes, and if the size of model you are wanting isn't offered contact the store and a size, and price, that you want can be discussed.

Each part is made in a durable resin, and printed at 35 microns of thickness for highest definition.

Due to the nature of 3d printing small surface defects are possible, but all efforts will go into minimizing these. In most cases any remaining artifacts can be removed with tweezers or a hobby knife.

Models are printed in a matte resin that has been thoroughly torture tested, surviving 60 inch drops to a hard surface and taking only small damage from 60 inch drop to tile! Hopefully something you wont need to reproduce.

This shop is a authorized vendor of Torrida Minis, the creators of this model. Model depicted as 18+

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