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Black Forge Games

Tenjin the Cursed Scholar

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"After completing his exhausting morning tasks, Sugawara - an old Japanese scholar - sat down under his favorite tree and gazed upon the blue sky above him. Peace at least, he thought.

But peace is nothing but an illusion for those who seek their fulfillment.
And the scholar had yet to fulfill his purpose.
"Wake." A sudden voice whispered behind him. Scared, Sugawara jumped, and as he turned to face it, he felt the ultimate truth: that he, like the now missing tree, was nothing but a memory, made it real by an old soul.
Tenjin woke from his stasis, and for the first time, he felt confused. Was he dreaming of Sugawara? Or was Sugawara dreaming of him?"

Sugawara no Michizane was a famous scholar during the Heian period.After his death during his exile, many believed that his angry spirit (Tenjin) was responsible for the plagues, drought, and flood on the Imperial Palace of Kyoto.

- Excerpt from Black Forge Games website. Click here for additional lore information.